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Flat fee pricing means you know what the price is upfront.
No hidden fees.

Package pricing because a comprehensive estate plan should include legal documents to protect you and your assets during times of incapacity.

Custom Designed Plans

A lawyer will meet one-on-one with you to understand your needs and design an estate plan specific to you.

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100% attorney-client centered. All services from consultation, design, drafting, and signing are attorney provided.

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Who would you trust to manage your estate after your passing? Who do you want to inherit what you have worked so hard for? If you do not state your preferences, the state will determine for you.
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Revocable Living Trusts
Would you like your family to avoid the probate process upon your passing? A properly funded Revocable Living Trust will avoid probate upon passing. A Revocable Living Trust is similiar to a Will as you can determine who will manage your assets and who will inherit, and under what distribution structure will they inherit assets.
Probate lawyer Colorado Springs Monument Woodland Park
In Colorado, an individual who passes away with real estate (not including real estate held in joint tenancy) and/or more than $70,000 in probate assets will need to have a Probate case opened in order for a court appointed Personal Representative to manage their estate. The Personal Representatie will transfer assets, pay taxes and creditors, and make distributions to beneficiaries.
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Advanced Estate Planning
Are you concerned about estate tax issues or would like to provide for a loved one but do not want to disrupt benefits that they rely upon? In complex issues such as these, it may be useful to consider an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
(ILIT) or Special Needs Trust (SNT).
Financial Power of Attorney Colorado Springs
Powers of Attorney and Medical Directives
Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney must be drafted when you have capacity. Alternatively someone who has an interest in your wellbeing would have to seek appointment as your conservator to manage your financial affairs and as your guardian to make decisions regarding your medical care and treatments. End of life decisions are some of the hardest decisions loved ones will face. Take the burden from their shoulders by outlining your specific instructions in a Living Will.

Medical Power of Attorney Colorado Springs Castle Rock Woodland Park Pueblo
Guardianship of a
Minor Child
If something happened to you, who would you trust to raise a child of yours? Nominating a long-term guardian can ensure that your children are raised by family member or friend that would instill your same values, honor your memory, and provide a safe and loving environment.