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Estate Planning

Comprehensive Estate Planning

Protecting clients during
incapacity and provide peace of mind that their wishes will be carried out upon passing

Planning for Incapacity

Incapacity can be temporary, such as being in a coma, or incapacity can be for a longer duration of time, such as dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

While you are incapacitated someone will need to act on your behalf to make your healthcare decisions and deal with your financial affairs.

If you do not create a durable Financial Power of Attorney or Medical Power of Attorney while you have full capacity, loved ones would need to go through the court system to be legally appointed your guardian and/or conservator to manage your finances and make healthcare decisions on your behalf.

Planning for Your Estate

Who would you like to inherit what you have worked so hard to achieve? Would you like to protect the inheritance from creditors? Should they receive everything outright immediately or is there a distribution structure you would like to design?

Is your goal to make the transfer of your estate as straightforward and simple as possible?

These are all questions that an attorney specializing in trusts and estates will help guide you through.

Planning for Guardianship of
Minor Children

If something happened to you, who do you trust to raise your children?

Long-Term Guardianship informs the court as to who you would designate as guardian if you are not able to care for your children.

Often overlooked, Short-Term Guardianship is just as important as Long-Term Guardianship.

Short-Term Guardianship can arise in a variety of situations. Who can stay with your child in the interim months until a guardianship proceeding appoints the legal guardian(s)? Do trusted friends or family members have the legal authority to stay with your child or the ability to make medical decisions for your child if you were unavailable because of incapacity or passing?

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